Here we go again.

UGH! I loathe my body.

I’m one of those irritating people that will go through stages of being an absolute narc and singing and dancing at myself in the mirror and weeks and weeks of feeling like the least attractive person out of every human I’ve ever met.

I’ve never been hugely overweight, nor have I had a figure that I’d be very proud to show off. I’ve floated nicely between looking fairly thin and looking kinda chubby.I have an endless list of excuses why I can’t stick to a healthy meal plan or exercise regularly and I am incredibly good at sticking to them.

One thing I’m less good at, is holding myself accountable for treating my body like shit, so it’s something I’m going to try and do at least throughout January and hopefully, if the habit sticks, the rest of the year.

MyFitnessPal Screenshot

Fitbit Screenshot

MyZone (when I get a new one!) Screenshot

Regardless of what I’ve eaten or the lack of movement in my day, keeping a log of what I’m doing for an extended period of time should help me in realising what it is that I’m doing wrong (I already know, I eat biscuits while laying down) and hopefully give me a clue as to why I binge eat on a Wednesday or don’t leave the office for lunch some weeks and do on others.

A little experiment on myself 🙂

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