31/01/2020 – 3KG DOWN!!

Now, as you can see, there is a huge gap here from the 17th of Jan to the 31st of Jan where I’ve just not logged my food properly 🙁 this probably means that although I am currently 3kg down, I expect my weight to fluctuate slightly again to being slightly higher.

I have challenged my other half to a 100 squats a day challenge throughout February and I am going to try my utmost to get back on that treadmill 😀

THE GREAT NEWS IS! This means that actually monitoring my diet for the majority of the month and making sure that I hit my 10k steps and making mostly conscious decisions about what I eat, that weight loss is very possible 🙂

During this time I’ve had pizza and meals out at restaurants and all sorts, and I’ve not been starving myself by any means. I used to think that it would be impossible to lose anything, but this really shows that just taking more of an active effort to not shovel in the shit really does pay off.

I’m currently 55.7kg according to my Fitbit Aria and like I say, I’m expecting that to go up a little bit over the next couple of weeks. 55.7kg is roughly about 8.8 stone, my goal for this half of the year was to reach 55kg and it’s looking like it might actually be possible – which is super exciting!!

Anyway! Here’s my 3kg notification from this morning 😀

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