Stream Stats – 12/01/2020

I was a very hungover bear yesterday! I had been trying to do dry January in an attempt to cut down boozing (cos I drink a heck of a lot) and had a couple of gins on Saturday night which lead to an ungodly hangover on Sunday.

Thanks to everyone who turned up and kept me smiling, I had a really great evening!

First of all thank you very much TheDamo88 for subbing for 5 months 🙂 you’re an absolute doll and I’m looking forward to seeing your own channel grow!

Holler @ DarryLips & Darchbear for both cheering bits during my stream ^-^ you made a hungover lady very pleased.

Thank you to the guys that hosted me MrBiffy1, Maugrimus (I think there was a third that I’ve forgotten :'( !) and anyone that dropped in whether you wanted to chat or not – it’s awesome you stopped by 🙂

Shoutout to my new followers:

  • susunamq
  • desmosec
  • eferastgeldi2
  • Newxas_
  • BerkeSvnc
  • MehmetErenDlgr
  • mertgenc
  • tytisfakenews
  • celebrant4
  • nolanpfeiffersaiyan
  • coxyynormus (lmfao)
  • Mairuka
  • CyborgNoise
  • Nikopopz
  • noodle3000

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