Sheffield Gaming Podcast – Episode #4 – Mental Health & Gaming

Sheffield Gaming Podcast live on Twitch

Another fabulous episode of the Sheffield Gaming Podcast! Click above to watch the full VOD.

This live stream, featuring @ChronoCleon (Conor – NVM), @MattSpeaksWords (Matt – Treehouse) and @TheKnoxbear (Jade – Ember) is all about how we’ve been keeping our minds sharp throughout the lockdown using video games and other strategies.

Matt gives us lots of examples of online versions of classic tabletop games such as DnD and more complicated stuff as well. We touch on VR and the possibilities this opens up for us. We also delve into social anxiety and how this affects us in different ways, Conor opens up about his struggle during lockdown and we think of ways we can prevent this happening to others.

We are always looking for contributors to the podcast, if you have an idea that you’d like us to discuss, feel free to join us 7-8pm on Fridays and we can respond to the chat, or, get in touch over social media if you would like!

If you missed last weeks episode you can find it below!

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