Getting back into streaming!

My first stream on Twitch after a few weeks away! Click the link to watch the vod!

One of the major issues I find when I take time away from streaming on Twitch, is finding the courage to press the ‘Go Live’ button. It’s almost like a performance anxiety, you remember that as soon as you press that button, you’re LIVE on the internet and people are able to see and hear everything you are doing.

I love Twitch, it makes me feel really excited and gives me an opportunity to speak to people I might never meet anywhere else. My community is fabulous and supportive and I couldn’t do without them.

I had a break from Twitch of about 3 weeks while I was looking after my mental health and in the process of moving house and generally just ‘dealing’ with the whole rubbish lock down situation that has confined us to our homes.

I’m finally back in the game! Trying to sort a schedule that works for me in terms of my 9-5 and other commitments I have. I’m looking to be gaming/streaming a lot more and make it my primary focus point for activities outside of work.

I’m really glad to be back and my first stream today just reminded me how much I love the people that I’ve met and those I’m yet to meet.

Thanks for sticking with me,

Love Knoxbear <3

P.S – Thank you to the below

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