Sheffield Gaming Podcast – Episode #6 – Games to Stay Social!

Sheffield Gaming Podcast Live on Twitch
This live stream, featuring @ChronoCleon (Conor – NVM), @MattSpeaksWords (Matt – Treehouse) and @TheKnoxbear (Jade – Ember) is all about how we’ve been keeping social during the lockdown!
Click the pic to see the vod!

In this weeks episode of the Sheffield Gaming Podcast we discuss the games that are keeping us connected while we are still in lock down due to COVID-19.

We also discuss the importance of friendships generally and how we can be sure that we are looking after one another during these trying times. Matt delights us with a suprise costume change!

We name drop a heck of a lot of games on this episode which can be seen below!

Virtues Last Reward – 3DS
Hotel Dusk, Room 215 – Nintendo DS

Gregory Horror Show
Satisfactory – PC
Deep Rock Galactica – PC
Gloomhaven – Boardgame
Nintendo Switch
XCOM Chimera Squad – PC
Animal Crossing New Horizons – Nintendo Switch

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