Twitch – Knoxbear ★ Casper PS1 (Part 2)

Knoxbear on Twitch
Knoxbear playing Casper for PS1 on Twitch
Click the picture to watch the VoD!

Tonight (04/05/2020) I received THREE SUBSCRIPTIONS! This is incredible news meaning that I’m now 30% towards my monthly subscription goal within the first week of the month.

This is truly incredible and you have no idea how much I appreciate the support from you guys for my streams. Honestly, right now, nothing is keeping me more sane than being able to chat to you guys, playing video games and having a massive laugh.

We had a person in chat that told us all about his My Little Pony fan-fic which was absolutely exactly what you’d expect, absolutely hilarious.

Major shout out to one of my bezzies Dom for continuously providing magnificent moderation skills and the same goes for Ging WHO ALSO SUBBED AND GIFTED A SUB to the wonderful Leah. Fekhed resubbed which is just absolutely beautiful – couldn’t ask for a better set of pals tbh.

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  1. DoomRivel

    Knoxy thank you for the shout out! It’s amazing being your Mod and getting to be involved in your Twitch journey!!

    We will beat Casper, one day!!

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