Sheffield Gaming Podcast – Episode #7 – Bird Museum

Sheffield Gaming Podcast
The Sheffield Gaming Podcast discussing escapism and games!

The Sheffield Gaming podcast this week was:
@ChronoCleon (Conor – NVM), @MattSpeaksWords (Matt – Treehouse) @TheKnoxbear (Jade – Ember) and @TomBattey (

In this episode we had an EXPERT ON THE SHOW! We were very excited to speak with Tom Battey from Sheffield Hallam University who teaches game design and brings his wealth of knowledge to the podcast.

You may have spotted our new design! We’ve lightened things up with some new graphics made from a collaboration of Ember and the Sheffield Gaming Collective.

It must be said, what stole the show this week was when MattSpeaksWords showed us The Bird Museum.

Here are some of my personal favourites:

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