Twitch – Knoxbear ★ Casper PS1 (Part 3)

Picture of Knoxbear playing Casper for PS1
Knoxbear playing Casper for PS1 on Twitch!
Click the link to see the VoD!

HURRAY! We finally made some progress ^_^
I never in a million years expected Capser the FRIENDLY ghost to be so mean. I know that this game was tricky when I was 7 but holy moly it’s still as tough today.

Exciting news, I’ve preemptively purchased a new emote for us to use!! I think this one is probably the most relevant to the stream tbh…

Again, I can’t thank you enough for supporting the stream! DoomRivel (my pal Dom) has now subscribed for 14 MONTHS!! So a gigantic thank you to him as always, my number one supporter and amazing guy.

Thanks to the above for your follows, subs and song requests! <3

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