Shifting World – Nintendo 3DS

A picture of Nintendo game Shifting World for the 3DS on the console

What is Shifting World?

Shifting World 3DS is a lovely little puzzler and a fantastic game for someone who enjoys problem-solving with a twist!

The aim of the game is to reach the exit using the fun ‘shift’ option which inverts the world, opening new ways to reach the door and allows you to navigate through obstacles. The challenges will become gradually more difficult.

What’s the story here?

The story is you are trapped in a weird universe and given these challenges by a somewhat shady gentleman by the name of The Duke of Shadows. With 58 different and interesting levels, I’m looking forward to the growing frustration that I assume inevitably comes with a game like this.

Should I play Shifting World?

I would definitely suggest this game to basically anyone with a penchant for puzzles. The controls are simple to use and enough progress is made throughout the game to make you not feel like the whole thing is stupid and impossible. I find this game great to play while the telly is on, and picking up your 3DS is a great way of stopping you picking up your phone for the millionth time to “check the time”.

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