Twitch – Knoxbear ★ Silent Hill PS1 (Part 3!)

I have chosen the featured image for this post based on the fact that I really think it grabs the overall ‘vibe’ of my playthrough of Silent Hill so far. There is another jump clip from this stream too, thanks, Dom!

A pretty navigationally illiterate individual who often can’t distinguish between left and right, looking at the same map 10000 times a stream.

Sometimes I don’t know how you guys can cope! But you do 😀 you keep coming back and supporting me and keeping me sane. Some of you know that I work permanently remotely now and so occasionally hours go by when I don’t get to say anything OUT LOUD to anybody. Having you lot in chat helps my brain feel better and as though I’m less disconnected than I really am.

Thank you for the subs ❤

  • DoomRivel (19 months – what the heck!)
  • CyborgNoise

Lil shoutout to cdruss94 for getting me to check that posture, but also fuck you for making me try and play that god damn came with a reversed controller.

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