Twitch – Knoxbear ★ Clock Tower PS1!

Ahhh! What fun last night was :’)

Let’s start with an answer to a question that anyone who watched last night have on the tip of their tongue… I have replaced the mic cable.

Unfortunately for me, there was a series of technical event that at first made the stream hard to hear and then later a nice arrangement of USB failures meant that I ended up taking a 10minute break to reshuffle all of my devices so that we could continue playing!

The main positive note I can take from Clock Tower last night is that I learned if you just press pause, you can SAVE THE GAME. The second positive was the introduction of Mrs Goggins. While realising that the game didn’t often have anyone doing a voice over (it’s difficult for me to sit and stream in silence… and I’m sure a bit awkward for everyone else) I decided to do my own voices for the characters!

Some of you know I did a genuine bit of voice acting for a fab podcast called Pod to Pluto and I’m sure now everyone can see why I was a great fit :’)

Thank you for the bits that stopped me from getting very mardy last night ❤:

  • cdruss94
  • DoomRivel
  • Afrothundaar

Big thank you as well to TheJohnEffect for bringing his followers over in an awesome raid ^_^ and GMuzza87 for the follow you’re amazing!

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