Animal Crossing Admin – Twitch – Knoxbear ★

In this stream, for no reason whatsoever, I sound like my testicles have descended and my voice is super duper deep :’) people kept telling me that it sounded weird but because I hadn’t changed anything and couldn’t hear myself I was really struggling to know what they were talking about. Now I’ve watched the video back and…wow.

Animal Crossing was my go-to in the OG lockdown back in March when I bought the game not really expecting too much. From that point I pretty much played it religiously every day, getting kind of anxious in case I missed something important.

Since then I’ve had a much more practical approach to the game (even leaving it for a whole month – oops!) and now I basically log on to complete tasks rather than actually enjoying myself. As you can see I’ve done my best to make an effort and be seasonable with my Halloween outfit and buying candy for my villagers in the hope that we’d have an excellent spoopy evening (it was pretty good tbh).

Has anyone else kinda fallen out of love with Animal Crossing? I can’t seem to forgive myself for almost treating it like a chore that needs to be completed once a day! Now that I have paid off all of my loans and acquired a bunch of bells – i’m not sure what to do!

What about you guys? Have you fallen out of love with AC? Do you have any tips for me to learn to love the game again?

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