Sheffield Gaming Podcast ★ Sheffield Spooks – 23/10/2020

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On this fabulous episode of the Sheffield Gaming Podcast, you can see that we’ve made a pretty brilliant effort for Halloween! Conor and Matt looking handsome and spoopy and I was, well…a hot dog!

In this episode there is a fantastic PowerPoint presentation surrounding the idea of “killer video games” all put together by Conor from the NVM. We talk about how we are feeling on the brink of a second local lockdown (at this point not realising that we were all about to be thown into the national one!) and try and cheer you guys up!

Matt tells us all about the amazing things that are still happening at The Treehouse and is his usual charasmatic and hilarious self.

For me, I just get too hot and have to take the hotdog head off.

The Sheffield Gaming podcast is designed to bring all things video games together in the lovely city of Sheffield, and help to create a exciting and engaging community that everyone can be a part of.

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