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Knoxbear plays Night in the Woods
Knoxbear plays Night in the Woods
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Night in the Woods is a game created by Alec Holowka, Scott Benson, and Bethany Hockenberry. In this game, you play as an adorable cat called Mae who gets into all sorts of hi-jinx with her other equally adorable friends Gregg, Bea and Angus. However, don’t let this fool you into thinking that this is a whimsical children’s game. The conversations between characters are philosophical, sarcastic and down-right entertaining.

Here is the official description robbed from the website:

College dropout Mae Borowski returns home to the crumbling former mining town of Possum Springs seeking to resume her aimless former life and reconnect with the friends she left behind.

But things aren’t the same. Home seems different now and her friends have grown and changed. Leaves are falling and the wind is growing colder. Strange things are happening as the light fades.

Night in the Woods was such a pleasure to play, I ended up completing the whole thing within a week, something completely unheard of me (*cough* Casper). The design and animation style made this such a joy that I couldn’t get enough of it. This game was completed in 4 streams which you can watch here : Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and finally Part 4.

As the first game I have completed in 2021, I am so pleased to have stumbled upon it and had the absolutely pleasure of playing.

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