The Sheffield Gaming Podcast – Conor Hates the Nintendo Switch – 8th January 2021

Sheffield Gaming Podcast
Sheffield Gaming Podcast
Sheffield Gaming Podcast 8th January! Click the pic to go to the VoD!

January the 1st was New Year’s Day, and so we saw the return of the Sheffield Gaming Podcast on the 8th!

We discuss how we have been over Christmas and the New Year and have a little moan about all the things that are bothering us. We also mention topics such as the death of Adobe Flash Player (RIP old school Neopets), Jumpcut Issue #3 and Conor goes to town on why he thinks the Nintendo Switch is the worst console out there.

We also bring updates from the fabulous Treehouse Board Games Café and Matt tells us all about the types of things we can buy from there while the café is shut during lockdown 3.

The Sheffield Gaming Podcast is now available once again as AN ACTUAL PODCAST! Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and lots of other places you can listen to podcasts.

Looking for other episodes of The Sheffield Gaming Podcast? Take a look at this previous episode here where I’m dressed as a hotdog.

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