The Sheffield Gaming Podcast – These Guys Really Love Met Boy

The Sheffield Gaming Podcast
The Sheffield Gaming Podcast
The Sheffield Gaming Podcast 15th January! Click the pic to go the VoD!

In this episode of The Sheffield Gaming Podcast, we talk about Met Boy some more as the boys are still trying to get the number spot on the leaderboard (and have apparently roped half of my friends into doing the same), Matt delights us with a beautiful review of Umurangi Generation and I do my first shout-outs section!

The shout-out this week was for Basil, here is a little about them:

A queer neurodiverse Black and Indigenous writer, sensitivity consultant, and translator. I published my first D&D adventure, Riches of the Earth last month (December 2020). It’s a potato-themed horror story where no one has to die, the town is 99% non-white, and almost all the NPCs are queer.

When I’m not working on TTRPG writing, I’m translating Homer’s Odyssey into AAVE, a project I’m calling The Afrodyssey.

As always Extra Life Gaming Lounge gets a special shout-out! You can still order from this fantastic establishment using Just Eat or CityGrab!

The Sheffield Gaming Podcast is now available once again as AN ACTUAL PODCAST! Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and lots of other places you can listen to podcasts.

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