The Sheffield Gaming Podcast – Umurangi Generations & More Metboy Hype!

The Sheffield Gaming Podcast
The Sheffield Gaming Podcast
The Sheffield Gaming Podcast – Click the pic to watch the VoD!

In this episode of The Sheffield Gaming Podcast, we start a fairly difficult to follow “best games made in Sheffield” league and try to work out where this week has gone?

Many people may be surprised to find out that some huge names in gaming are originally from Sheffield such as Sumo Digital and Gremlin Graphics who developed major titles such as The Monty Mole franchise and Snake Pass.

If you are interested in seeing a wonderfully in-depth list of all Sheffield game development companies, look no further than this fantastic blog by Mark Hardisty: .

Conor and Matt get their chance to talk about Met Boy with each other again while I roll my eyes and refuse to join in.

This week’s shout-out went to SillyVision! Here is some information about her:on

My pronouns are she/her, and I am a trans woman. I love this art community, and it’s treated me well over the years I’ve been a part of it. 

I’m a freelance artist who started doing commissions not too long ago, though I have been in the art community for quite some time. Furthermore, I offer a wide range of commissions which includes animation, twitch emotes and full-body drawings, and I’m looking to expand my commission options. Likewise, I take commissions on my Twitter mainly, but I do have an Instagram, and I am looking to possibly expand to fiverr perhaps.

I have quite a few hobbies, I draw as a pass time now and then, working to improve my craft. I do tend to play a wide variety of games as well, which I have some possible plans for in the future in a passion project of mine.

As always Extra Life Gaming Lounge gets a special shout-out! You can still order from this fantastic establishment using Just Eat or CityGrab!

The Sheffield Gaming Podcast is now available once again as AN ACTUAL PODCAST! Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and lots of other places you can listen to podcasts.

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