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Knoxbear plays Firewatch on Twitch
Knoxbear plays Firewatch on Twitch
Another attractive screenshot. Knoxbear playing Firewatch on Twitch – Click the pic to go to the VoD

On this wonderful stream I played Firewatch for the first time! I wasn’t sure what to expect but I certainly WAS NOT expecting this from my community:

You guys are incredible! This was the first hype train I’ve had EVER and it was so exciting ^-^ this is just a big thank you to you guys and your continued support through thick and thin and I cannot wait to be able to hug you all in real life.

Here are the specific shoutouts that I’d like to give out for this stream:

nicknickuk – 5 months sub!
TheDamo88 – 9 months sub!
DoomRivel – 23 MONTHS SUB WTFFFFF <3

LightChild777 – 300 bits!
cdruss94 – 101 bits!
TheDamo88 – 100 bits!
DoomRivel – 12 bits!

Thank you, also to emmakpark for the follow!

With this being the first time I’ve played Firewatch, nothing much happened in the 1hr 20mins I was streaming to be completely honest. I got frightened by a raccoon but spent the majority of the time navigating my way around the forest and getting super lost. So far, so good though, I’m really looking forward to putting plenty of hours into this game – let’s try and finish another this year!

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