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The Sheffield Gaming Podcast
The Sheffield Gaming Podcast
It’s time for another episode of The Sheffield Gaming Podcast! Click the pic to go to the VoD.

In this episode of The Sheffield Gaming Podcast, we have a surprising amount of exciting bits of information for you.

In the week that saw r/wallstreetbets manipulate the market by driving the cost of GameStop shares through the roof, we finally decided which Sheffield-made game we wanted to try first – Auf Wiedersehen Monty 💖

Ukie Games Career Week

Add the 26th March to the 6th of April 2021 to your diary. The idea behind this event is to inspire people from every background to discover a career in video games. You can sign up to this event as an attendee, guest speaker or sponsor.

Yorkshire Games Festival

Taking place on the 5th of February 2021. This will be an exciting programme of talks, masterclasses and Q&A events featuring high-profile industry guests including (but not limited to) Max Pears, Sallyann Houghton of Epic Games and Silver Rain Games’ Head of Studio – Melissa Phillips.

Be sure to stick around for The Sheffield Gaming Podcast which will take place at a new time of *** and of course the pub quiz that will follow shortly after.

The Tentacle Zone

Created by Payload Studios, the Tentacle Zone are a game focused co-working space and virtual incubator in the centre of London.

In the spotlight!

Between all this good stuff and our usual excitable chat, we had an incredible spotlight artist this week – it’s the wonderful Emma Park!

I currently work as a campaign manager at Fourth Floor, a creator marketing agency focused on gaming. I’ve been working in marketing for 5 years – 3 of those in video games – but I’ve got many personal projects going on outside that as well. I’m a freelance artist, I’m writing a book, have plans for a video game, and have very recently started streaming, too!

It’s important to me that young women understand there are so many ways to work in the video game industry beyond being the person making the games. Working in agencies is a great way in, and has enabled me to collaborate with so many game devs and publishers, from the indie to triple A, and feel involved in the success of a title (as well as introduce me to so many cool people, too)!

You can and definitely should check out Emma’s incredible portfolio over at or give her a follow on Twitter

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