When Opportunity Knox – S01 EP01 – Periods ❤️

This is the launch of my brand new podcast which will be focusing on the things that matter to YOU! Overwhelmingly, you guys wanted me to discuss periods and I’ve done just that. Please bear with me as I learn the ropes of editing software and broadcasting in general, but I hope you enjoy the content and send any ideas you may have to me if you wish! Love Jade x  

My Non-Surgical Nose Job!

I have ALWAYS had a beef with my nose. From the first time a family member pointed out that I had a “knox bump” to the handful of times I was called a “big nosed bitch” at school (in all honesty, this was the least of my worries at the time) I’ve hated my side profile like nobodies business. The irritating thing about my nose (and my whole face in general actually) is that it’s really very asymmetrical. This has infuriated me ever since I learned that the reason people…