End of Week 1 – January 2018


So, here is a list of all of my outgoings this week, slightly frustrated that a few of them are one offs and so it ended up pushing me over my £20 per week budget.


  1. I forgot to buy train tickets to see one of my besties Jordan Fearnley. I definitely thought I’d done it before Christmas butttt NOPE. Unfortunately, in an attempt to look after the pennies I’ve had to buy specific advanced single tickets which means that we get a limited time together in Leeds but it does mean that it only cost me £9 to get there and back!
  2. I obviously have to eat, I went to Aldi (sooo cheap for veggies) and got myself some frozen veg (broccoli and cauliflower combo & generic “mixed veg”) a red cabbage, some unsweetened soy and some sweet potatoes. That was only £3.87. The vegetable thing is AMAZING because they are so low cost and also it means that I can have healthy meals which will hopefully result in some weight loss! I’m lucky that I really enjoy eating vegetables anyway, and as I’ve said before, my workplace gives us free fruit and so that’s even better.
  3. This weekend my group of homeslices have arranged to go on a Forest Holiday for one of our beautiful friends Holly! This was something that was going to cost me money. I’m not about to sit and have a terrible time while my friends enjoy each others company and get merry in the hot tub. SO we’ve got £7.13 left out of our budget to go mad. This just isn’t gonna fly. I want to get a card, a cake and need food and money for the whole weekend!! In reality, at close of play Sunday night my spending had reached basically double my projected spends.


Looking at my calendar next week, nothing should catch me off guard. Actually I have THREE orthodontic appointments that week including my braces going on on the Friday (12th) I might add a photograph of the braceface that week – we’ll see!


This has been posted on Monday morning due to getting home late last night from our fabulous trip. It’s gonna be a scrimpy one!



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