End of week 2 – January 2018

I did it!

I was extra scrimpy this week and now I’m back on track!

Nothing special was going on this week and so I wasn’t surprised by any additional costs.

Here is an overview of what I spent and on what:

£9.85 – On food and drink.

That’s seriously it.

The 85p was from the soy milk I picked up in tesco so I can have my cheeky soy latte in a morning at work.

£5 I sent to mine and Rick’s joined account and got all of the necessary ingredients to make a slow cooker veggie chilli, if you were going alone with this, it would still only cost £8 in total and we intend to make this last all week!

The other £4 was more like £3.87 but let’s round up because I’ve saved enough to do so 🙂 this was on some bits and bobs just for me, I got us some dessert yoghurts as a treat, a bag of kale, some paracetamol and ibuprofen for when my teeth really start killing me and some of that amazing fresh Broccoli and Stilton soup. On reflection, I’m not sure why I picked up the kale and nothing to go with it but I’m sure it won’t go to waste!

For this month we’re looking at about a weekly spent of about £26, but hoping that the average works out as closer to £20 by the end of the month. Doing this will mean that I can still afford the £90 monthly cost for my braces and not be in any debt – hurray!

I should note as well that this spending is excluding bills and rent. This is any other spending I do that isn’t already accounted for as a direct debit or standing order. Those were factored in at the start 🙂

Wish me luck for next week!



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