End of week 3 – January 2018


Things have taken a tiny turn for the worse this week. While I’ve not had to pay for two rents (YAY!!) I still very much wanted to keep the scrimping up because it’s going to form the habits I need when we end up signing the contract for the new new house, which I suspect will be a lot sooner rather than later.

Also, in reality, I’ve not saved myself any money and instead of paying 2 x rent, now need to pay for another £400+ survey to be completed and the relevant solicitor fees on top of that. So I’ve not really gotten away with anything.

I’ve had many moments of weakness this week, many of them on a certain auction site that I am horribly obsessed with.

At work, things had been fairly quiet and I had more time than usual to look at my phone. This resulted in endless eBay searches. After adding up the items in my purchase history I’ve managed to splurge £30 on 4 new items of clothing that I very much did not require. These included:

  • A check skirt from New Look
  • A fairly average dress from ASOS
  • A red houndstooth dress from Pop Boutique
  • A pretty cute black and white dress from Miss Selfridge

And while you may be saying “£30 for all of those?! what a bargain!” it is very definitely £30 that I did not need to spend as I have many many clothes. As a result of these purchases I’ve ended up having to throw four things away that I don’t wear as often (which is probably a good thing) due to lack of wardrobe space, plus we are moving soon and I’m sure neither me nor Rick want to cart the equivalent stock of a small high street store with us.

Other smaller spends include needing to make a dash to tesco to grab some extra tortilla chips because we’d been a bit generous with our portion sizes. OBVIOUSLY I didn’t just get the tortilla chips and ended up buying myself a chocolate sundae on top of that just for the hell of it. Goodbye £1.46! On Friday I decided I needed a new highlighter and so spend £3 on a gold shimmery powder for my face (despite having a similar product at home that would have sufficed.) I also got incredibly lazy on Friday and paid for me and Rick to go home in a taxi EVEN THOUGH WE LIVE 20MINUTES AWAY ON FOOT.

Still done fairly well food-wise, a total of £10, £5 of which was half towards the ingredients for our meal next week (veggie pesto pasta bake if you were curious) and the other £5 spent on me being greedy and get my own 10 inch ASDA pizza from the build your own section and some DELICIOUS cookie dough cheesecake slices for me and Rick to enjoy afterwards, I have very few regrets about those two purchases.

Anyway this week was a total f**k up, I obviously thought I was somebody else and had loads of cash to just throw about meaninglessly. Seeing as I managed to spend almost double my budget at ~£48 spent.

I am visiting the one and only Jordan Fearnley next week and with that will come the expensive of a meal and some drinks, so Monday-Friday really seriously need to be almost completely free days.




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