End of week 4 – January 2018

I’ve failed!

But let me try and justify it.

This month, we’ve fortunately not had to pay for both a mortgage and rent and only one set of bills and council tax which has left me feeling absolutely ballin’.

After quite a bad experience mid this week, I decided that I didn’t want to count the pennies when I got paid and decided to just make myself happy instead. It turns out that doing what I wanted to do and not caring, didn’t actually bankrupt me. While I did spend a heck of a lot more than I would have intended, I certainly feel a lot less stressed out.

Including some gig tickets and a night out, I think I’ve probably spent around £100.

I should also note that I did get paid this week and for the first time since starting my new role I received bonus money for orders that I had completed, this was about £50 in total and therefore alleviated some of the guilt somewhat! I need to be careful again. I can’t see myself feeling too bad when I’m seeing Dinosaur JR mind you…

I should also note that despite the splurge, I still ate porridge for breakfast every morning (cheap and cheerful), and rarely spent money on food. What I will buy on a weekly basis however, is a can of diet coke or zero calorie energy drink, this is an unnecessary expense, however on Thursday night after a long day at work and my radio show starting at 11pm and not ending til 1am, it sometimes feels imperative that I get some caffeine in my system.

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