February 2018


As I said in my “Scrimping is Cancelled!” post, I think that a better idea could be to write candidly and generally about stuff that is going on with me. This blog is not an internet sensation and I’m sure that the people who know me in real life cringe at the thought of going to my site and reading my blog as if were my personal diary with a lock and key. This isn’t that. If I need to write for the sake of catharsis, I won’t be publishing those.


Things I’ve got lined up for this month INCLUDE: Getting the solicitor side of things sorted for our new new house and hopefully coming up with a move in date (we are aiming for the 1st of March). 

01/02 – Lower arch @ the orthodontist – OUCH! ✔
02/02 – Nose pierced! Nostril piercing after retiring my medusa due it getting stuck in my brace (#sadtimes) ✔
05/02 – “A Century of Children’s Literature” @ Central Lending Library (with bonus Wetherspoons visit) ✔
06/02 – Nerdy evening with pals on Prop Hunt! ❌ – This didn’t happen, I watched a film and got a headache and was in bed by about 9:30, roughly the same time the guys started playing!
07/02 – Hangout @ Spoons ❌ – Another swing and a miss 🙁 the friend I was supposed to meeting ended up getting stuck in traffic on the way back from another city, will try and rearrange this
09/02 – BONUS ADVENTURE! Went out after work had a few drinkies ✔
10/02 – Food @ UNIT burger place ❌ – Damn, this got cancelled because a few of our friends who were supposed to be joining us have other plans instead that they had forgotten about.
11/02 – Ricks parents visit ❌ – Ricks parents were snowed in Macclesfield! Sunday was spent on the sofa.
14/02 – Day off and out with a meal (VALENTINES DAY!) @ Harrogate ❌ – Rick decided to take overtime on this day and completely forgot about our trip out. He made it up to me with pizza though which was nice 🙂 
15/02 – Contact lens check-up ❌ – Couldn’t be bothered when it came to it
15/02 – Worky doo! Free pizza & beer at The Forum ✔
17/02 – Visit mum @ Doncaster ❌ felt super poorly and didn’t go anywhere!
20/02 – “The Persistence of Gender Inequality” @ Central Lending Library ❌  This ended up being at 12:30 in the afternoon, I didn’t realise that and so f**ked up
20/02 – First run at Tuesday Trek with Rick – 1st stop Sundaes Gelato ✔
24/02 – Hairdresser appointment – wonderful highlights please!
28/01 – Weigh-in! Just at home, let’s see if I’m below 58.1KG.


The books I currently have on loan from the library/wanting to read are:

  • On Liberty (and other essays) – John Stuart Mill
  • We Only Have This Life to Live – Jean-Paul Satre
  • Lullaby – Chuck Palahniuk ✔
  • Stumbling on Happiness – Daniel Gilbert  ✔
  • The Bell Jar – Sylvia Plath ✔

I’ve decided to get into some Philosophy stuff based on the fact that I am always constantly thinking and trying to work out why I’m here and “what’s the point” and the plan is that by reading and understanding different philosophical ideas I can find where my own thoughts lay and learn some stuff along the way! I’ve not really read anything like this since university and it’s pretty hard going if I’m really honest, they aren’t quite as relaxing as an Inspector Rebus novel, let’s put it that way. I’d like to have finished at least one of these books by the end of the month.  Technically, I took out these books in January but have completely failed at reading them and so they go on this months list!

By 07/02 I had finished Stumbling on Happiness, I also realised that Project Gutenberg has a few of the books that I was planning to borrow from the library available online and so have downloaded these instead! Part of the discover was On Liberty by John Stuart Mill, so I’ve popped that back on the shelf and now have a digital copy. Jean-Paul Sartre, however, was nowhere to be found and I will continue my difficulty of reading this book in print. 


I’m also making a conscious effort to listen to more music while I’m at work, I’m lucky enough to have a job where I can listen to stuff while I get on with my day. I’m gonna try adding at least one new artist or album to my mega-playlist that I really enjoy! I think I might have found February’s Favourite – Cymbal Eats Guitar! I am going to have a good look through ticketmaster and other sites to see whether there are any more gigs coming up and get some tickets on payday!


While I may not always have the energy or finances to visit friends in person, I have decided that it’s important to stay connected somehow. One of the ways I intend to do this is by playing games with friends at least once per month and also play games alone because GAMES ARE GREAT. Prop Hunt will be played with my friends and I’m currently playing AC: Origins and would like to continue playing Skyward Sword at some point.


The plan in Feb as well is to slowly introduce myself back into the gym, going at least once a week to do some cardio and some lifting will definitely improve my mood and health, which is kind of on the decline. I’m currently about 9 stone which is completely within the healthy range, except that is made up of about 28%+ body fat and very little muscle at all. The idea is that I do a hiit workout on a cardio machine (it’s probably going to be the step-climber because that one makes me feel the least like I’m going to die suddenly) level 4 for 2 minutes then level 6 for 1 and alternating until the end of the 20 minute session, by the end of the month I’m hoping to increase this by starting on 6 and going up to 8! I’ve recently learned as well that I can actually lift the 20 KG bar so I can stop messing around with the 10kg and start doing some proper work. I want to be able to do 3 sets of 10 squats & dead lifts with 20 KG. Continuing on a health note, I’ve continued to be pescatarian throughout January (besides one naughty drunken evening when I had a string of Donner meat and a chicken wing , I also had about 10 cigarettes so not really winning on any front!)

Gym visit 1:  ✔
When? Monday 5th February 6:30am
What? 20 minutes stair-climber 20minutes 4 then 6, 10kg squats 10 reps 3 sets, 10kg deadlifts 10 reps 3 sets, 20kg squats 10 reps, 20kg deadlift 10 reps 

Gym visit 2: ✔
When? Tuesday 6th February 6:30am
What? 20 minutes stair-climber 4 then 6, 3 sets of 10 reps 20kg squats, 10 reps of 20kg dead lifts.

Gym Visit 3: ✔
When? Wednesday 7th February 6:30am
What? 20 minutes stair-climber 4-6, 3 sets of smith machine bar only 10 reps.

Gym Visit 4: ✔
When? Saturday 17th February (oops bit of a gap!) 9:30am
What? 20 minutes stair-climber, 4-6-8 pattern

Gym visit 5: ✔
When? Monday 19th Februrary
What? Abysmal 20minutes on stair-climber, even stopped twice! Better than no workout but still very shit :’)


NOW! I have ditched the 6 months of scrimping because I have been awful at tracking all of my spends and “occasionally” (far more than occasionally) treating myself to meals out and nice pieces of clothing off eBay. Besides the obvious spending on the activities listed at the top of this post, here are a few bits I plan on treating myself to when the money comes in!

  • Some new shoes! I do not really buy shoes because I’ve never really seen the point in owning more than a few pairs that are convenient for a few specific jobs, looking nice, being comfortable/weather proof or going to the gym in (oh and being slippers!) Ideally some boots would be great but I could also do with some nice work shoes. Either way, a pair of shoes is definitely on the agenda
  • A black denim skirt or (potentially and) a black pinafore style dress, ready for a grungey summer
  • A nice pair of shorts that doesn’t make me feel disgusting! Seeing as I will have been using my epilator and laser hair removal system for about 6 months by the time the sunshine comes out, I fully want to show the leggies off! The squats should help with the confidence problems too! 
  • The new house will take up a lot of spends soon, so I’m trying to get a few bits well in advance for summer. 

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