Happy New Year

I wonder how many blog posts today are going to have that exact title?!


I love the new year, it’s a perfect time to get all motivated and make loads of promises to yourself some of which you will keep and feel great for and others will be on the list next year too (#loseweight).

This is just a short post on a few things I’d like to get done in 2018 and hopefully at the end of the year I can revisit this post and feel proud that I’ve accomplished some (I want to say all but…) of them.

I’ve decided to go with a handful of major ones rather than a mega list of the million  things I could do to improve myself and my life, oh btw some of these include things that are definitely going to happen but are huge milestones in my life.


  1. Pay the monies, sign the papers, get the keys and move into my new home with Rick!
  2. Fix my diet, at this stage it’s not especially about getting thin and toned (I’m not an unhealthy weight as it stands but I am a greedy pig), I’d like to be able to ditch the chocco addiction and have a completely vegetarian diet by the end of the year.🥕
  3. Have my braces put back on 😖 – this one I’ve been nervous about. I had braces for 3/4 years when I was a teenager but because I was a teenager I had no intention of wearing my retainer once the braces were off, I was DONE with them. Obviously now the spacing between my teeth has come back and it makes me feel a little bit uggo. Now, while I have some savings I have decided to go for it. I’ll have clear fixed braces on the 12th of January for 18months(ish) with the goal of having them off by my 28th birthday.
  4. PROGRESS. I’m not even sure I care what form this comes in anymore. Whether it’s personal/professional/other, I just want to be confident that I can come back to this post in a years time and know that in some ways I’ve bettered myself.
  5. Make a new homie. I don’t care if this is someone I “sorta” know through other people or used to hang out with years and years ago but we’ve drifted apart. It’s exciting as well to think it could be somebody I’ve not even heard of yet. The thing is, you meet a lot of people growing up and they only really get to see you in slice of your life. People change and honestly its usually for the better, especially as we get older and actually friendship seems harder to spark and harder to keep now that we have a plethora of other commitments. It’s sooo important though. Don’t forget that you’ve changed too. You might have been the perfect best friend for somebody 10 years ago but your needs/goals etc possibly don’t align anymore, it doesn’t make you a bad person.

These might seem a little bit lamey and samey as every other persons goals, but the truth is that we all want things to go better, I doubt there are many blog posts detailing the losses and failures that someone wishes for themselves this year.


I’m gonna be sticking my assumptions and judgements in a locked box and I’ve got no doubt it’ll make me a much happier person.

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2 Thoughts to “Happy New Year”

  1. Dave Johnson

    Decent achievable goals Jade, good luck with them matey and the other money set up ya blogged. That’s a cheap gym membership… Where’s that at, I cancelled mine as it was 27 and wasn’t going enough to warrant it

    1. It’s xercise4less, it’s actually well good 🙂

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