I have been on the depo injection for a long time! Actually I’ve been on birth control in general for a hell of a long time.

After investing some time into thinking the bits of who I am that I don’t enjoy very much, I started wondering whether I have always been like this, or has birth control (depo especially) made a significant impact on my moods without me really noticing due to the length of time I’ve just put up with it. I also noticed that my libido had also significantly decreased over the last 6/7 years and wondered whether that could be due to just growing up and actually being tired by the time I get to the bedroom, or, are all these hormones killin’ my vibe?

I took my time researching into which method would work best for me, and in a semi-sciency way, I figured that the only way I could dechipher whether my snappy moods and anxious nature were due to birth control, would be to use a method that did not contain hormones.

This left me with actually very few choies:

  1. Abstain – lol
  2. Condoms – While I personally like condoms and their in-built mess containing system, I’ve heard they can get a bit rubbish for the guy after a while.
  3. Copper Coil – uh oh…

FINE! I decided to go and get the weird little bit of metal and plastic popped into my reproductive system because it’s effectiveness is HELLA GOOD and with the particular ‘model’ I ended up getting as well, I don’t have to think about it again for about FIVE WHOLE YEARS.

There was a slight wait to get booked in at the hospital (my particular GP surgery couldn’t perform the procedure) but  I was given an appointment and the time flew leading up to it – probably because of how little I wanted to go.

Personally, I found my smear quite uncomfortable and really hated the feeling of my insides being touched, so I was mortified when I started doing more thorough research into the coil and the pain that women experienced when they were having theirs inserted. I worried on what was an essentially permanent basis until the procedure was over.

Here is a nice graphic overview of what happened when I walked through the doctors door:

  • We had a conversation about my health, I pee’d in a cup to check I wasn’t pregnant and was told about what would happen.
  • I dropped my pants and leaped onto the table in excitement (aka. I sheepishly removed my shoes, tights and pulled my skirt up to my waist before struggling to get onto the bed).
  • In came the horrible speculum, what a nasty little cold metal enemy. That’s the thing that basically opens you up like a turkey so the doctor can get a sweet view of your vagina and all the rest.
  • The doctor GRABBED my womb which was the weirdest feeling I’ve literally ever encountered and yeah it was super uncomfortable and gross.
  • The doctor had to measure my uterus (still not sure why, I suspect to make sure the coil will actually fit in there). Another horrid uncomfortable stab this time more like a period cramp but a little higher up and more like being stabbed to death but with a blunt object.
  • The doctor pops some “numbing gel” into my cervix (i think…) and changes her gloves, all while remaining nice and calm and explaining everything that’s going on while I try my best not to cry or crap myself.
  • Then because the pain of the measuring sucked so much, I ask her to wait around 5minutes to regain my composure before she actually goes in and delivers the goods.
  • I suck it up and say “go on then” and I am suddenly flooded with the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my entire life and swear relatively loudly in pure agony.
  • Then it’s done! I am given a sanitary towel and some information on the type of IUD I’ve had “installed” and how to check the little strings that hang out of the cervix to make sure that the IUD hasn’t perforated my womb or fallen out (I’d really hope I’d notice if it fell out). I was also told that my peroids may also be longer, heavier and more painful for the first six months until my body ‘gets used to’ the IUD. Which will be nice…

In my particular case, I struggled to walk out of the hospital and can’t thank my significant other enough for driving me there and back. I hobbled along to the multistory car park where I swifty threw up all over the pavement. I wobbled into my SO’s car and then proceeded to almost throw up, at which point he had to grab a bag from the boot and I did loads of lovely sick all the way home. Even better, my bag had a hole in it and at one point we sat in Morrisons car park while I was crying and covered in vomit while he ran in to buy some Nurofen.

Perhaps he would be forgiven for wanting to abstain after that ordeal…

It’s four days on and I’m still experiencing some light-mild cramp style pains but am knocking down the Nurofen like a BOSS.

I’ve also experienced spotting since the procedure was done, usually the horrid brown kind that makes you feel gross.

NOW WE WAIT. I would quite like for the pain and bleeding to bugger off so I can start feeling sexy and test how effective it really is! I will give it the 6 months that the doctor recommended for everything to calm down and be as patient as possible with my body.

Regardless of the pain I went through on that day, I would honestly recommend it for those of you who like me, need something effective and long-lasting and are sick to death of messing with your hormones!




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