Week 1 – It Begins

SO! I’ve taken note of all my bank accounts, how much money is in there and what direct debits/standing orders are active and what is going out when!

This will make it a lot easier to work out what is going where rather than never checking my statements because I’m terrified of what I might find.

I’ve installed an app called MoneyLover which I’ve got installed on Android, not sure whether it’s available for iOS but you can also use this app in-browser (I use Chrome) so there’s always an easy way to log any of your spends.

My main aim for these next 6 months is to spend as little money as possible. I will be trying to find cheap food deals while still eating well and not spending money on snacks or anything additional other than my meals. I’m really lucky in this respect because at my place of work they actually provide fruit baskets every Tuesday and Thursday which will allow me to eat better and at no extra cost, much better than forking out £££ for bars of chocolate throughout the week, I’m sure my BMI will thank me too.

My biggest spends are items usually from eBay. I’ll find a cute skirt that is a fraction of the cost that you would find in store but then what I’ll do is I’ll buy three of them and never wear any!

I am also going to take more advantage of my gym membership as it’s a direct debit that I don’t want to let go of. It’s only £9.99 a month and if I’m at the gym I’m not shopping online or eating rubbish and getting some exercise in at the same time, can’t be a bad thing.

Rick and I will be paying for two properties simultaneously which is gonna suck, HARD. This means that for me personally that is around 65% of my monthly wage, before any personal direct debits/subscriptions I have. My decision to get a brace fitted as well while I still have some disposable income now means as well that a new payment of £90 will be coming out of my bank account as well. Roughly, I will be looking at 10% of my wage left over for essentials. In a perfect world I’ll be spending ~£20 a week, potentially less if I can for items that are not rent/bills/DDIs.

SO! I will be updating every Sunday night to see how I get on.

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