My Non-Surgical Nose Job!

I have ALWAYS had a beef with my nose.

From the first time a family member pointed out that I had a “knox bump” to the handful of times I was called a “big nosed bitch” at school (in all honesty, this was the least of my worries at the time) I’ve hated my side profile like nobodies business.

The irritating thing about my nose (and my whole face in general actually) is that it’s really very asymmetrical.

This has infuriated me ever since I learned that the reason people are attractive is because they have beautiful symmetrical faces and that is what makes you pretty. OH. RIGHT. Well my head is a wonky vegetable so my confidence went right down the shitter.



Here’s the thing as well right, big boobs come into fashion, big lips, big thighs, big bums… never EVER do  big noses come into fashion. I can’t think of a single example of a moment in time when people were like “i just want her to have a big nose and I’ll be happy”.

I know I shouldn’t care, I know that my face is my face and thank you genetics for giving me a face and that I’m alive and so on and so forth, but if something really bothers you (for YEARS!) you have every right to change it if you want to.


This was a non-surgical option and I went for this for the following reasons (not in order of importance):

  • I can’t afford real rhinoplasty, it costs about 4 grand and I’d have to take time off work which ultimately ends up costing you money in that respect as well
  • A non-surgical nose job is just that, I won’t have go into hospital and have my nose cut open and filed and whatever other crazy ass things they do to it
  • I wanted to see what it would look like and if it looked crap or if I got super anxious about the change and wanted my old face back, then that was an option



Here are various examples of my wonky snout.


I am not at my most graceful on any of these pictures, but they do show the funny shape of my schnoz.




So I went and booked my appointment with a company called Flawless Cosmetics after doing a butt load of research. 

I knew I’d be having injections in my face but I had no idea what to expect pain-wise and literally nobody on the internet seemed to have the answer I wanted, so I’ll explain how it felt as best as possible in the hope that this will be useful to others. I feel like I really should pop on a disclaimer here that I was relatively hungover when I got this done and so I am not sure whether that would have affected my threshold for pain in a positive or negative or not at all way. But I felt like shit, let’s put it that way.


I hopped onto the bed and a lovely lady called Stacey reassured me that everything would be fine and that I’d feel a sharp scratch in a couple of places on my nose and she told me exactly what she would do so I knew where to kinda expect the pain.


Okay so.  I have described this to my friends as being virtually “pain free”. There is the scratch as the needle goes in but is SERIOUSLY not unbearable by any means and when I say that I mean that she could have probably done those little scratches for a hell of a lot longer before I would consider myself in any pain. It was about four injections down the right hand side of my nose, mostly near the bridge where the beef is  and one (or maybe two?) on the other side, I assume to even things out. ANYWAY, if you’ve had a tattoo or a piercing or anything really you’re going to be absolutely laughing because this doesn’t hurt at all compared to those things, there isn’t that same burn as a piercing or “get off you bastard” feeling you get when your tattoo artist is going over the same bit of skin a couple of times. Honest to god, this was child’s play.

There some some slight pressure the following week just like a light press in between my eyes which was to be expected. I haven’t had to take any pain killers or ice it or anything like that and from what I can tell there was no bruising or swelling either.


The results as well, are fucking fabulous. 


Here’s the before & after: 

If you can’t see (WHICH YOU CAN!) it’s the bottom picture that is after the treatment.

There’s also this super unattractive photo of me from arms length showcasing my weird head:

I am really really pleased with the results and will be going back at the end of the month for a top-up, as the filler can move about during the first couple of weeks (you can’t tell it’s moved!) so I’ll post again after that’s been done. 


This will last approximately 6-12months and has cost me £330.

£330 for confidence I never thought I’d have and now I don’t have to irritate my friends and myself by only taking pictures from my “good side” cos both sides are good sides bitchez.


Hope this has been helpful to anyone who is on the fence about getting something like this done 🙂 obviously your experience will be your own but if it’s pain that’s putting you off? that’s a shit reason x

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  1. Dave

    £330 to be happy and as positive as your post comes across is a bargain. Fair play Jade to the K well done for having the ‘bollocks’ to do something for your own reasoning,does look impressive.

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