Scrimping is cancelled.


I have failed so hard at “scrimping for 6 months” that I’m fully giving up on that section of the blog. While I am trying my absolute hardest still to save money, I’m finding that I’m not logging expenditure that I know I shouldn’t be doing!! I did the same thing when I was calorie counting with MyFitnessPal, I’d have an extra couple of biscuits too many and not put them on the app because I know that meant I’d fail. As I’m not being honest and accurate I think it’s a bit bloody rich if I have a section of my blog about how great I am at saving money and how “I can help you too” when I’m still buying shirts I don’t need off eBay and having the occasional Wetherspoons. I am not a role model, and if some of you need honest genuine advice on how to save because you are severely buggered money-wise, I don’t want people to come here and see all of my terrible habits! I think what might make more sense now is a general update blog. Maybe make a note of stuff that I’ve discovered or learned and keep tabs on myself for the rest of the year, things I’ve done and things I’ve not.


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