Unexplained – Show 6 – Notes


Hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas!

As show 6 is just an overview of what is coming up in 2018, this one is only an hour long! Here is a list of what you can expect in 2018


January – Cryptozoology 

Week 1: Bigfoot
Week 2: Chupacabra
Week 3: The Kraken
Week 4: Nessie



Feburary – Conspiracy

Week 1: The Apollo Moon Landings
Week 2: The Assasination of JFK
Week 3: The Illuminati
Week 4: Flat Earth Theory



March – Fantasy

Week 1: Wizards
Week 2: Dragons
Week 3: Fairies
Week 4: Unicorns
Week 5: Merpeople (and maybe centaurs!)






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