Nintendo 3DS – Virtue’s Last Reward

BAH! my first games related post – hurray.

So  just in case anybody was wondering, I have played the first game in this series which is “Zero’s Escape – 999” (Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors) which was released on the Nintendo DS about three years before VLR. I played them both pretty close together which for me, worked really well because I tend to forget bits and bobs because I’ll usually move on to a new game.

I do honestly thing it’s worth playing the 999 first because the VLR does make references to it and it helps you with the way the game is played (the whole point and click mystery puzzle type stuff) and just generally I think it will make the playing of VLR much more enjoyable. 

I’ve seriously never played a game like this one, I’ve been through the Ace Attorney series and Hotel Dusk /Last Window, Another Code etc, but nothing is like Virtue’s Last Reward. It has so many twists and turns and there were times that I couldn’t fully understand all of the sciencey stuff beause they get into some seriously deep thoughts. Due to it’s genre of being “adventure” and a visual novel, it basically never gets boring. I think the game is actually for 16+ because some of themes are a bit darker and there is a fair amount of killing throughout. 

Honestly though, if you want something that will grab hold of your attention and never let go please invest sometime into this series. There were so many parts of the game where I actually said WHAAAAAAT out loud and was genuinely surprised. With 24(ish) endings, it seriously is the gift that keeps on giving. OH and the “skip” feature will be your best friend at some point… trust me on this.

If you’re still not convinced, here is the trailer for Virtue’s Last Reward, it really is worth every second you sink into it, my second count up to now being 162000..

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