A Break From Bras 🍉

And  it’s not because I’m a big dirty hoe and want to draw attention to my chest,  I’ll  just put that straight out there.

I know that there will be some women (possibly men too) reading this whose eyes will almost completely roll out of their head at the idea of me even posting this and there will be some snidey thoughts “ugh, she just wants people to think about her boobs” well! I barely have boobs at all so that’s your theory ruined.

Having smaller boobs has always been a point of embarrassment for me. I’m 26 now and I look down my top and wonder where they are, and the sore truth is that in reality, if they aren’t there now, they’re probably not going to show up any time soon (unless I go under the knife or get pregnant!). It can make you feel “manly” and not very sexy when you’re naked.

It’s been nearly two months now since I binned off the brassiere and I’ve done it for some really simple reasons.

  1.  My breasts are not big enough to require support, nor do I need a bra to ease back pain. This is why a lot of my bigger chested friends wear bras anyway because it is more comfortable than not and it makes sense to wear one.
  2. Bras can be quite uncomfortable, especially if they are the wrong fit. I’ve never had my boobs measured and I don’t really know whether the bra size I’m buying is right or not and they can seem very hit and miss with whether they feel nice to wear. You can get quite sweaty in there when it gets warm too, not to mention the tricky clasps, the wires poking out and tags and stuff sticking into your back.
  3.  They are not cheap!! I feel a little bit conned, the same feeling I have if I buy tampons

Obviously, if I have a sheer blouse on or something where it’s clear that I’m not wearing a bra I’ll wear one of those nice  non padded triangle-types because while I’m all for freeing the nipple I’m not going to free it in the office. I understand that in certain scenarios it’s not appropriate to have your tits out .

Sometimes my gifted girlfriends will say “at least you don’t have to deal with these things!” while juggling their huuuge boobs, and honestly to me that sometimes feels like “well at least you’re not a millionaire with a mansion and own your own company” and I can’t really see the point they are making, but I’ve also heard so many complaints about how they are in the way and inconvenient.

Some women I know have  fantastic curvy figures but will have to buy a bigger sized top to get ‘the girls’ in and blouses and polo shirts, anything with buttons can be a bit of a nightmare. I’ve been on “boob watch” for friends before that have worried that one of them will break free from captivity. I’ve also known women to have genuinely awful back problems and have considered breast reductions because of it.

I would never ditch bras completely! A nice lacy bra can do wonders for your confidence and it also gives your significant (or insignificant) other to take off!! They also make mine look the same shape and size, which in reality they are just not.

My intention here is not to preach, I am not selling the idea of not wearing a bra because they are fantastic in doing what they do for ladies with a bigger bust, it is much more comfortable for some women to wear them than to not. I just don’t need them! I’ll use the money I save from buying bras to fund my boob job (i’m kidding)

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